These maps are scanned from a complete personal set, and are being released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Licence 3.0, as as they come out of copyright. They are mostly flat copies, are in good condition, having been used as reference material.

Licence summary:
You can do what you like with the tiles as long as you're not making money from them.
You can trace as much as you like from these maps and then do whatever you like with the tracings - commercial or otherwise.
If you do trace anything from them, please consider putting your tracings in the public domain, so other people can benefit.
If you want the original scans in order to make money, it is possible that the copyright holder of the scans might be able to come to an agreement with you

The scans have been georectified and made available as source material for the OpenStreetMap project.


Link to the os7 maps online

OSM: out-of-copyright maps wiki page

OSM: OS 7th series wiki page


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Check out the Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps

The standard reference book on the series:
A guide to the Ordnance Survey one-inch Seventh Series. Richard Oliver. Second Edition. 68pp. London: Charles Close Society

Contact: Steve Chilton